when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 

Any hidden talents?
I can trick people into thinking I read palms.

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can I marry poussey or?

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“Your voice sounds completely different in different languages. It alters your personality somehow. I don’t think people get the same feeling from you. The rhythm changes. Because the rhythm of the language is different, it changes your inner rhythm and that changes how you process everything.

When I hear myself speak French, I look at myself differently. Certain aspects will feel closer to the way I feel or the way I am and others won’t. I like that—to tour different sides of yourself. I often find when looking at people who are comfortable in many languages, they’re more comfortable talking about emotional stuff in a certain language or political stuff in another and that’s really interesting, how people relate to those languages.”

Francois Arnaud for Interview Magazine (via realitycheckbounced)

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Anonymous asked: What did Natalie Dormer do???


Something really amazing. Okay i’m gonna try to be calm about that.

So at the beginning of April I sent Natalie a letter asking for an autograph and just thanked for everything she did to me, you know she helped me through a lot of stuff like not on purpose but at this time she was basically the light of my life so to speak, and I told her that she did a great job by portraying all these different characters and so on, like a normal letter from a fan in my opinion. But probably not in hers.
And today I got this envelope. I didn’t really expect that she would answer but she did. Not only got I two autographs no I also got a letter, a freaking 5 pages long letter in her beautiful handwriting. 
She told me that she never did that before, answering a fan and she was just so sweet???? And she called me sweetheart. I’m Natalie Dormer’s sweetheart ahhhh what is happening.
So that’s something she wrote:


So yeah, that’s the reason why Natalie Dormer is a perfect human being and if you don’t agree you’re wrong. Sorry not sorry.

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"I am the beautiest lady in all of the Spain"


bb having some trouble with the door (≖︿≖✿)

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So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

these are amazing

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Baby Bunnies Eating A Carrot [x]

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