Anonymous asked: So Clearly You have to be the bigger person and help everyone and they choose you to do things with them caus ethey know you'll help them, but its a good thing tho, just as long as they dont over do it, but am also planning to hibernate a bit after exam, and after i get my Arsenal/Other stuff tattoo, but what else do you got planned???

that’s the thing, i help people and get nothing, no recognition, no thank you, i mean i don’t do things for that, but because i want to, but when someone does something for me, like check the time, i’d thank them. yeah i guess, overdoing it does get annoying. 

ooh getting a tat? ouchie, i like some, but others i think are just well, not good. i think there are rarely any good tat artists now, there just are too many normal ones so lots of people get it done and it looks kinda bad. plus i don’t really like persistent pain, plus they’re permanent and when you get old, it’ll get wrinkly and saggy. i like them, but not to the extent that i would get one.

so other than watching football, sleeping and eating? umm, i don’t think i’m planning on travelling this time round, there’s one of my friend’s 16th party during the holidays and i was planning to be the back up dj just to play he songs she hates but the date crashes with my grandmother’s 1st death anniversary, and i really want to go to both. other than that i can’t think of anything much.

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